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Sales Training – Fantastic Tips & Advice For Getting Better Results

If you want to ensure your sales team is up to the task of converting prospects into customers, then providing solid sales training is vital. While some people have a natural gift for selling, others may struggle. But regardless of any innate talent, sales is ultimately a skill which can be taught through trainetasia sales training with a high degree of success. With this in mind, we’d like to share some of our best sales training tips that are sure to give your sales team the boost they need – so let’s get started.

Tip 1 – Use positive self talk

The first step to becoming an exceptional salesperson is to project the right ‘vibe’ or emotional state. Latest neuroresearch and shown that ‘mirror neurons’ operate within all of our brains, and they often cause a fascinating effect known as ‘emotional contagion’. Simply put, this means that ‘what one person feels, another person feels’.

So if your salesperson is feeling happy, positive, and enthusiastic about your product or service – then your customer is likely to feel the same way to. However, if your salesperson is feeling nervous, depressed, or unenthusiastic – then there’s a good chance this vibe will ‘rub off’ on the customer. If you customer is in a negative state of mind, they’ll be far less likely to make a purchase.

One of the best ways to ensure your sales team are in the optimal state of mind for selling is to have them all engage in positive self talk. Thinking thoughts that make you feel good, happy, and excited to be selling your product or service will go a huge way towards improving their overall conversion rates.

Tip 2 – Assume the sale

One of the most powerful techniques to employ in sales is the concept of ‘assuming the sale’, rather than ‘assuming the rejection’. If you operate from the belief that people are clamoring to buy your product or service, then you’ll naturally give off the confident, self assured aura that makes people believe what you’re selling has real value.

However, if you’re feeling beaten down by rejection, it’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming everyone is going to say ‘no’ to your sales offer. When this happens, people will often subconsciously detect your lack of confidence, and they will give you the ‘no’ you were expecting to hear.

Because of this, it’s always wise to assume the person you’re talking to is genuinely interested in buying, and they just want to know a few of the facts and features first. Ultimately, approaching any sales situation with the assumption they want to buy will also take away a lot of pressure from yourself, as well as remove the urge to ‘try too hard’ – which often discourages people from buying.

Tp 3 – Set goals

There’s nothing more effective for motivating a sales team than setting goals. This can bring in an element of friendly competition that helps to spur people on and give that little extra bit of effort that can make all the difference.

The key is to think big, and set goals that will truly motivate and inspire your team to achieve better results. Helping your team set their own targets will go a long way towards encouraging them to work hard, even when times are tough – and even when they’ve faced a string of demoralizing rejections. After all, the next yes could be just around the corner